Somebody I love appreciated her R and R in Florida

Soothing sight.

My dear wife Karen returned to cherished rescue mutt Ellie and I from her annual spring Girls Getaway to Florida yesterday afternoon, so it’s time for me to share a pair of ahhhhh photos she texted me during her R and R.

At waterside with Georgia and Chris.

She’s been able to set aside time to spend with her longtime friends during this time of year through decades now.

It allows my dear wife to face the up-and-down spring weather of our Central New York a bit more refreshed.

As she drives to work on Monday morning, I hope the spirits are a bit higher as we begin our countdown to the family trip to Cape Cod …


10 thoughts on “Somebody I love appreciated her R and R in Florida

  1. Whenever I have met up with old friends — even after many years — it’s like we’ve never been parted. We carry on the same conversation from last time and laugh at the same jokes etc and return home refreshed.


    • Chris worked with Karen and I when we all were at the newspaper decades ago, and she brought Karen into a great group of women that includes Georgia, who now lives a block away in the neighborhood we moved to seven years ago. Yeah, they can start and finish each other’s sentences, ladysighs!


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