Shailene Woodley can’t quite pick between her Endings, Beginnings


Life certainly is not easy for Daphne as we meet the centerpiece of the story in drama <em>Endings, Beginnings</em>

Job, left. Romance, broken off. Living arrangements? How about a move into her sister’s pool house?

And so we find Shailene Woodley suitably miserable in much of this winding tale directed by Drake Doremus from his screenplay co-written with Jardine Libaire.

As Daphne settles into what her life is becoming, she swears off men, booze and, she hopes, the conflict that has come with the mixture of both.

And then she meets two men at one party, and , you betcha, falls for both of them.

Daphne dips her toe into small dates with Jack. And Frank. Then she finds out they are best friends. But not until she likes them both. A lot.

Woodley is pretty good as a woman conflicted in her torn-betweeen-two-very-different-lovers world.

You for now. (From

Will she or won’t she make a choice? Will it or won’t it make her life better? Does she or doesn’t she know herself better now than before?

Important questions, all.



10 thoughts on “Shailene Woodley can’t quite pick between her Endings, Beginnings

  1. Horrible movie… so unrealistic and the ending sends a bad message. Set the woman’s movement back centuries…. apart from glamorizing sleeping around.


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