And now the swans are up to 7 or 8 or …

My work friends shouted out as we got to the Onondaga Lake portion of our morning break walk Friday.

More swans!

Swimming, and close to shore.

Seven swans swimming.

Instead of flying south as the weather gets colder, these wonderful birds are gathering in numbers.

I caught seven of the elegant birds in my iPhone 8 frame. Laura insists she saw No. 8 swimming to the left, toward … perhaps another group of white birds?

21 thoughts on “And now the swans are up to 7 or 8 or …

  1. Oh I do love swans, though their temperaments can be quite cantankerous. They are so beautiful to watch form a distance. Thank you and enjoy these lovely birds Mark. I think it is so cool you inspired Joey to want to know more about them. Very cool. All my best to you and enjoy the Holidays.


  2. Did I tell you the swan info I looked up? I looked it up after your last swan post, because I realized I knew very little about swans. I don’t want to repeat myself to you, Mark. They’re sooooo pretty!


  3. I found this online: **Swans from the Great Lakes region either do not migrate of fly south into the mid-Mississippi valley.** Obviously the scenery here is better than in the Missisippi Valley. Perhaps they enjoy Lights on the Lake…?

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  4. A rare black Australian swan was just rescued here. They think it was someone’s pet which either got loose or was abandoned. I wish I had heard about it before the rescue was completed because I maybe would have tried to get pictures of that (along with every other amateur photographer in our area, probably). I always thought black swans were imaginary creatures, like unicorns.

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