Wanted: Buyer for my favorite Thai restaurant

Strip mall fave.

I never knew I liked Thai food until I started working at the library.

Then my boss Diane took me to Bangkok Thai, and I ordered the No. 20.

Now our whole Communications Department goes, oh, every other week, to discuss business matters and eat great food.

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I stick with my big bowl of soup, always, because I covet it so. Sometimes Edina and I call in and bring our orders back to the office for a Friday lunch special. Then I have to borrow Jess’ large bowl to pour in their two containers of ingredients, solids and broth. The noodles are sublime, the veggies crunch, the liquid scintillates. The heat does vary from order to order, though, despite my sticking with medium after one time trying hot and deciding that was too fiery for my taste.

But the owner is selling Bangkok Thailand.

Please call.

Wouldn’t you like to run a successful Thai restaurant on Route 57 in Liverpool, N.Y., in the same strip mall as Herb Philipson’s?

The decor is ready.

The menu is planned out.

I’m not ready to lose it from my life.


14 thoughts on “Wanted: Buyer for my favorite Thai restaurant

  1. I feel your pain, Mark! There is a Thai restaurant I love run by a tiny woman who is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur:). I not only love her homemade food, but I love her spirit! Wishing you the right buyer . . .


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