When you must stay inside in Hawaii, it can be suite

When you travel from Central New York to Kona, Hawaii, you don’t want to stay inside much.

But if you must, a suite at Aston Kona By the Sea will do the job quite well, thank you.

That’s where my dear wife Karen set up ourselves, my wonderful daughter Elisabeth and her terrific significant George Three for out dream vacation, a week in August for the second edition of her Family Reunion.

Several of her siblings booked suites at this spot, too.

Take the tour, why don’t you?

Living Room, plenty.

The living room included a TV big enough for a decent sports bar. We hardly turned it on.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on a photo for an enlarged slide show.

The kitchen was wall-appointed with stainless steel appliances. We only thing we cooked in was the coffee maker every morning. We used the fridge to store Kona beer purchased at the supermarket along with several take-out sandwich meals.

Table this one.

Those in-suite meals were not eaten around the dining room table, as nice as it looked.

Our favorite place.

No, we took our meals out on the balcony. We did a lot of sitting out there, day and night.

Art shot.

So much time I could play around with my creative side.

The Master.

Oh, yeah. Both bedrooms included an in-suite. I didn’t take any shots of Elisabeth and George’s wing or our bathroom. Oh, well. They said their spot on the other side of the suite was fine, and our shower had great pressure.

By the end of the week, we’d decided that each unit was owned individually because they all seemed to be designed in different tastes. Aston must be the management company that rents them out for the owners when they’re not in Kona. Worked for us.

TomorrowGlorious sunset

10 thoughts on “When you must stay inside in Hawaii, it can be suite

  1. what a great setup and i love the view! cool that others in the family stayed there too. i don’t blame you for eating all of your meals outside, i would have too-


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