Fist Fight pummels any good sense and hopes you might have going in


Maybe somewhere in the minds of writers Evan Robichaux and Evan Sussex, Fist Fight really was a good idea.

Two mismatched teachers at a goshawful high school have a classroom altercation, can’t mend things with the outlandish principal, and the burly bully calls out the dweebish introvert for a parking lot mix-it-up to go down in front of a throng of screaming students and fellow teachers.

A slapstick comedy. Yeah!


Directed by Richie Keen, this 91-minute atrocity totally mixes and matches the worst society and Hollywood can put together in a blender and throw up there for consumption.

I thought the trailers were stupid in the theater, but for some reason I took out the Blu-Ray when it came up as available at the library. Yikes! Much apology to my dear wife Karen.

Charlie Day bumbles his way through the role of fearful Andy Campbell. Ice Cube glares and glowers his way through the part of blustery Strickland. Tracy Morgan is a coach/gym teacher with a whistle but no compass. Jillian Bell is a guidance counselor who smokes meth. Really.

Really, fellas? (From

The writers and director try to mend things with growth and a moral at the conclusion. But by that time it’s way, way too late to save any sense of decorum.

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