Now that’s a non-starter

So I jump in my car after a quick after-work stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods hoping to find a pair of new bowling shoes for a new season – nope, this suburban Syracuse location of the gigunda corporation doesn’t carry any bowling equipment, the kind associate told me – and push the flip switch on my car key fob.

And the tiny blade of a car-starter pops off into my hand.

Separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety.

Not good, I think. Not good at all.

I attempt to start my 2011 Chevy Cruze by turning my end of the skinny thing between fingers. Not an easy task, it turns out. I look at the fob, and try to jimmy the broken part into the crevice and find traction enough to turn toward the dashboard. Yes! No sound. An orange light comes on the dash panel.

Anti-Theft Device Engaged.

Who knew?

Left in the lot.

Left in the lot.

I guess that makes me happy, knowing that somebody who knows how to get in my locked car and has a fake skinny little blade without the real heft to turn it won’t get that whirring sound of a turning ignition.

This day, though, I’m left to call my dear wife Karen on my cell. Here’s what’s up. I’ll need you to drive here and bring me your Chevy Cruze key, please and thank you.

She’s got an hour left on her work shift at SMG. It’s a hot day. I open the door.

Hot and bothered.

Hot and bothered.

I make a face, eventually, knowing that I will have just enough time to get to my bowling night in time to grab a slice of pizza at the attached Pies Guys and roll the first ball of the season.

And I know I don’t want to have just one working key, so I plan as I sit in the hot car. Perhaps the dealer, where I still bring my car for oil changes and tire rotations, will replace that broken key and fob for free. Seems right to me.

Have you ever had a car key break off your fob? Have you ever had a anti-theft light come on your dash? Do you think I’ll get a new key and fob for free?

14 thoughts on “Now that’s a non-starter

  1. I’ve never heard of that happening, but I can’t say that it surprises me. Maybe that’s why so many car companies are going to keyless fobs and keyless ignitions these days – of course, then you have to worry about the battery wearing out.


  2. Bummer. I have always had a separate key so I haven’t had that problem. I did manage to accidentally engage the alarm on a new Chrysler. I could lock;unlock and drive all with the alarm screaming. Drove it three miles to the dealer to get it fixed. Not one soul seemed to think it strange. Good luck with your fob and starter thingy.


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