Eclectic Corner: Splash of Color

This month’s edition of Eclectic Corner features the theme “Splash of Colour.” Justine has done herself proud once again, you’ll see if you click that link above, with a wonderful photograph, quote and haiku of her own to get our juices stirring to follow her lead.

All we have to do is post a picture, find a quotation and write a haiku.

Dog water bowls at Syracuse Crunch hockey game.

Dog water bowls at Syracuse Crunch hockey game.

I took this photograph last Saturday at the Onondaga County War Memorial in downtown Syracuse, when my dear wife Karen and I brought Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle to the Pucks for Paws doggie night at the Syracuse Crunch American Hockey League game. I like the way the three water bowl colors stand out on the concrete floor.


Actually, I’m going to turn to the lyrics of a song that was quite a hit back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth … well, when I was a teenager, anyway. From the band Chicago came the love ballad “Color My World.”

This song was everywhere you turned when I was growing up. People walked down the aisles to it at their weddings, I swear.

It was the theme for my senior prom at Ward Melville High School. Picture me in my powder blue tux dancing with my date. On second thought, don’t get the wrong idea. … She was my good friend, and the prom was really nice. No aisles. No fluttering hearts. Just a great dreamy song by Chicago.

Color My World
by Chicago

As time goes on, I realize
Just what you mean to me.
And now, now that you’re near,
Promise your love that I’ve waited to share
And dreams of our moments together.
Color my world with hopes of loving you


Keep my eyes open
Color saturates senses
Force brain to process

Eclectic Corner

Thanks, Justine, for giving me the chance to write my first haiku ever. What a challege, indeed! I hope you don’t mind that I Americanized your colour to our color.

Which color bowl draws your attention first? Did you ever get to dance to “Color My World” by Chicago, and what was the circumstances? Do you ever feel bombarded by information these days, and what do you do to handle it?

37 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner: Splash of Color

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  2. that was your first haiku – well rock on! even though I wonder if you wrote some in 2nd grade but just forgot – ha! πŸ™‚
    anyhow, I really like the haiku because you really grabbed what color does to the sense and brain – but your opening line was all about your approach to it – and the keeping your eyes open – wel… it feels like the Mark I am getting to know here – this guy that is active and fully alive – with eyes open to see.

    and the colorful shot – like that so much – the purple sneakers with a blur to the side are a nice touch to the bowls.

    never heard that Chicago song… but will look it up later and check it out – but great lyrics to use for this post. have a good day amigo


  3. Hey, I remember you talking about that song before. Perfect choice for this picture. Well captured, my friend, in photo and words πŸ™‚


  4. You have the photographer’s eye for sure…. this is why I love photography… I find myself seeing “ordinary” things in a much different way… and you captured that idea very well in the haiku.


  5. I’m with squirrel; we had to write haikus up the wazoo in 4th grade. I still have a book of them. So poignant and insightful, about waterfalls and such, not forcing our brains to process. πŸ™‚ Well, I’m going to admit this. Of all the Chicago songs I’ve heard, this is not one of them. It sounds very dreamy.


    • Nope. Haikus weren’t over here yet from Japan when I was in the fourth grade, and sushi hadn’t arrived, either. πŸ™‚ First one ever for me. Maybe I’ll get sick of them soon. Sushi I won’t even try.


  6. It’s so funny because as I was scrolling down on that top picture, the first thing I noticed was that purple chair. So if you ask me which bowl stands out the most, I’d have to say the purple chair one, ha, ha! The Chicago song, couldn’t recognize it from title or lyrics. It’s probably one I’d hear and then say “Oh yeah, this one!”


  7. Green is my color also bro. I’m wearing green today actually. I remember that song well, we sang it in church a lot. Love your haiku. You should be working for Hallmark. Altogether great post little brother.


    • I am in up to my eyebrows these days, Diana. Phew. I like the added ‘u’ by the way. I can’t help that somebody here dropped it way back. 😦 Thank you for adding your lovely colour here. πŸ™‚ ❀

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  8. Wow wow wow super chuffed Mark that you made it here!

    First of all what a lovely photo I had to enlarge it on my phone as I thought I saw a puppy and got all excited then realised it was a small dog lol.

    Green stands out for me!

    When I get home I need to look up that song I’m sure I know it as I don’t think we are dissimilar in age πŸ™‚

    Re haiku wow you are a natural you need to do more that was simply lovely really was. You hit the nail on the head and set the bar high!!


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