Binished Fusiness

Delivered after the old, cracked, overstuffed bin was collected.

New Blue Bins in Syracuse, N.Y.

Blue Bin success.

My weekly garbage and recycling collection this morning in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood came with a delivery on the back end.

When my dear wife Karen left for work, she poked her head back into the Little Bitty and declared, “the new blue bins are here!”

After two months of overstuffing our one remaining, cracked recycling bin with paper, glass, plastic and cans — and the same amount of phone calls to the city to arrange delivery — here we have them.

To avoid swipeage, as both I and the nice man on the other end of both of my calls surmised was the fate of our first delivery of bins, I’ve Sharpied our address on the side of the bins not facing my iPad Air when I took the photo above.

By the way, I also threw the Photo101 tag on this update because, well, I tried to get a nice angle on the shot as well as my conclusion of our tale.

Here’s the link to my post about my Blue Bin frustrations.

All’s well that ends well? Two bins in my hand are worth more than all of the neighbors across the way in the bushes? Five pennies saved by the pickers who take the refundable cans we toss in our Blue Bins is five pennies of good karma earned for MDW Karen and I?

53 thoughts on “Binished Fusiness

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  2. Late to the party Mark. Glad you folks got your bins at last.

    At our failed gentrification project house, we had bins stolen and unstolen bins stuffed to the gills with the trash of others under cover of darkness–including overflowing unwrapped baby diapers oozing over the sides of the Recycle bin. So glad that’s over with!


    • That’s truly disgusting, the diaper dilemma, Babe. Keep the oozing on your own property, should be understood. But no. Thanks for dropping in, any time, my door is open for you.


      • They were charming neighbors in many ways, Mark, and my ex quite the man to force us to continue to live there. Like I said, glad it’s over.
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. Ta-da! New bins without lids! And blue how cool! Way to go, cous, making a fuss for now you have new blue bins. HURRAY!!!! So happy for you! *doing the happy dance* Love, cous from the west


  4. Now that is a thing of beauty. Congratulation. We have limited recycling here and have to drive to the big city to get the majority of it taken care of. Like aluminum foil. I’m willing to wash it, if they’re willing to recycle it.


  5. Yay the bins came!

    My head is foggy this morning, so I got stuck on the title of the post until I realized you switched the first letters, and binished and fusiness aren’t real words… silly me!

    I see you’ve cast your long shadow over the fins…I mean bins… ❀
    Diana xo


  6. We have a recycling bin that is as large as our garbage can. I usually have more recycling than trash! πŸ™‚ Glad you finally got your bins!


  7. Here all our bins look like regular trash bins (like yours) but in different colors… black for trash, green for stuff that can be mulched, blue for recycling… I wonder what is the advantage of having totally different bins for recycling… now I am going to be agonizing over this all day! (NOT…)


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