No matter the adjectives, it won’t be the Oscars

MTV Movie Awards, coming in April. (From

MTV Movie Awards, coming in April. (From

The MTV Movie Awards are on the horizon. Coming up April 12, in fact, and the cable network that used to play music videos is determined to be different.

And of course that’s good. We don’t need another replay of the Golden Globes or the People’s Choice of the Oscars.

In today’s installment of my weekly Film News blog on the Syracuse New Times site, I found a piece on Cinema Blend that looks into the nominations for the MTV Movie Awards and calls them “Insane” and “Hilarious.” You can read it by clicking the link below.

The writer lists seven examples he considers the wildest nominations of them all. The categories are … different. And that’s good. Maybe not insane and hilarious, though … Here’s one teaser for you. One of the nominations he mentions goes to J-Lo.

Moving on to a report over there that’s pretty awesome, a Charlie Brown movie is coming out in November, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” There’s a link to posters and a trailer over there.

Sick of movie awards shows, or are you ready for one more with the MTV twist? Do you want to see Charlie Brown and Snoopy together again on the big screen? When’s the last time you enjoyed “A Charlie Brown Christmas” through and through?

28 thoughts on “No matter the adjectives, it won’t be the Oscars

  1. Not long from now MTV recompenses should happen on April 12, 2015. The honor spot is required to be Nokia Theater spotted in Los Angeles, California. A multitalented star Amy Schumer is relied upon to host the honors show. The presentation was made by her last year, December when she briefly showed up in MTV social networking catch. She is an on-screen character, author and entertainer a now she will have 2015 MTV Movie Awards that will be shown on Sunday, April 12. She came in 2007 as a possibility for fifth season of NBC’ show Last Comic Standing in which she got fourth position. At the same time basically she got to be famous by her inventiveness,


  2. I haven’t watched MTV since 1988. The few times I have looked it it appeared to be more Teens Behaving Badly than music videos. Oh well since I am an old man I am probably not supposed to “get it”. Why am I apprehensive about a new Charlie Brown movie? It is not because I am against change I just don’t dig change for its own sake. Sometimes folks change things just because they can and the result isn’t always for the better. Well I might have to make an exception to my rule of not viewing a movie in a multi -plex. I mean Charlie and company are American Icons.


  3. I am SO OVER Peanuts! Both my local papers till run the strip and I wish they would use the room for something else. OK, I still sometimes get a chuckle when Snoopy gives the reader that sweet little smile. Fond memories, but I would rather seek out collections to relive them again.


    • I somehow am comforted by the thought of a new generation finding Charlie and Lucy and Linus … Oh, wait a minute, MVG, that’s the newspapers you’re talking about. Nevermind. Which new strip do you have in mind?


  4. I haven’t watched MTV since the first couple of years they existed…. Charlie Brown and Snoopy? If it was done in a traditional way without trying to modernize it. Some things don’t need changing.


  5. This is one reason I don’t do awards shows my brother. And while it is exciting to know there will be another Peanuts movie, I agree there are some things that are sacred and should never be touched. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the greatest motto ever coined, and it should be tattooed on every forehead of every person who tries to make changes to things that are already perfect. Doesn’t the fact that Charlie Brown Christmas has been around and popular for 50 years tell them anything at all? Huge sigh. More Village Idiots at work.


  6. Calling MTV music television is like calling this Saturday “spring forward,” when it’s clearly winter, and winter squared, if you ask me. All awards shows should culminate in the Oscars. You can only go down from there. Twere I still a teen, I might find the MTV Awards interesting, but as the not-so-nice squirrel said, my adolescent B&B days are over. Did Kate Upton really go topless? And as for The Peanuts, the sacred, holy Peanuts–why, dear Lord why, did they change the animation? If it ain’t broke, why change it? If they HAD to change it, then make it look like it did in the 1950s, with different styling. But I don’t care for this new style. It’s like trying to make America drink New Coke. Why on earth would we bother?

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    • Because in America, we fiddle with everything, Kerbey. From cable music networks that used to show music videos to beloved cartoons that used to be as comforting and regular as grilled cheese sandwiches. Fiddle-faddle-foof! And, hey, do you think I actually clicked on the Kate Upton page of the author’s MTV awards story?

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