The Guise lays down a familiar and comforting sound

(From CD Cover)

(From CD Cover)

The Guise, “Forthcoming,”
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I popped “Forthcoming” into my car CD player and said to myself, “yup,” as soon as the first notes of “You Never Know” hit my ears.

No way had I heard this song written and being played by The Guise before. But I knew it was going to make my drive through the hills of Madison County to my driveway in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood easy-peasy.

And as the work of Dale Randall and Adrian Gerard filled my Chevy Cruze, “Just Don’t Care” and “For You” and “After You Leave” and “Without” on what could be considered side one and “Falling in Love” and “Another Door” and “Give a Little Love” and “Within Your Smile” and “What We’re Gonna Do” completing the album, I knew my quick assumption had been correct.

The Guise had captured both the pop majesty and comforting harmonies of the Beatles. And all was good.

Randall and Gerard are both admitted Beatlemaniacs who have a long line of musical credits to their names before this new project.

Guitarist and bassist Randall played with venerable Syracuse rock band The Coachmen for 13 years, and was part of the band for “The Music of Carole King” at Turning Stone Resort and Casino, and “Cruisin’ thru the ’50s” at the New Times Theater. And with Syracuse Beatles tribute band The Fab Five, he played at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.

Guitarist Gerard toured the east coast with The Eljer Band, opening for Chubby Checker, The Five Satins, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and Joey Dee and the Starlighters. He also considered playing the Hershey Park Paviliion with Beatles tribute band Abbey Road as a big moment. He released an album, “Sounds Like Adrian Gerard,” and it received good reviews and earned him a slot at the International Pop Overthrow for independent pop artists in Los Angeles.

The pair were introduced by a common friend while at a music festival in Mexico. They played a set together, knew they had chemistry, and decided to form The Guise.

The way they blend their guitars and voices on “Forthcoming” shows it was a wise decision, indeed. They can take it slow and tasty as well as faster and layered.

“You Never Know” takes my mind from the Beatles’ harmony to the Byrds’ jangle to America’s bridges. “Just Don’t Care” rolls like a love song from the Oneders in the great and underappreciated movie “That Thing You Do.” And that’s just the first two cuts.

The album, recorded and produced by Jocko Randall at More Sounds Studio in Syracuse, also enlists Nick Munger on drums and Tom Reitano on piano on “Give a Little Love.” The sound values are top shelf.

The Guise plays live gigs throughout northern and Central New York. They play at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 5 at Greenwood Winery in East Syracuse and 7 p.m. Friday, March 6 at Vendetti’s Soft Rock in Syracuse.

Here’s the link to The Guise’s Reverb Nation page.

24 thoughts on “The Guise lays down a familiar and comforting sound

  1. I’ve known and played music with Adrian since we were teens.
    His drive and love for music continues strong and steady, just like it always has been.
    Thankful for our time together on this planet playing and loving the music that takes us back to a special time and place. Listen and enjoy.


  2. I will have to borrow ear buds or ask my friend, Jenny, later on today to connect me to the new sound you are sharing… We worked a 10 hour day yesterday to earn our day off today. I am blessed to be heading to a neat place to poke around and see antiques and seasonal decorations with Jenny. Lunch or brunch at Bob Evans in a half hour…


    • They have the twin guitars and vocal harmonies down really well, sis, and that never goes out of style. I love the two bands that you took away from them, Sandra. I must listen to some Kinks today. The Davies brothers rule. Maybe ‘Celluloid Heroes’ before Oscars week is over. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a pleasant way to start my day. Such a clean sound, reminiscent of an earlier time. It has a sense of innocence to it. A treat to hear real voices and sounds without all of the electronic assistance. Thanks for “turning me onto” these Guise.


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