All-Beatles show will visit ‘Abbey Road’ this time around

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Show Poster

This year’s Syracuse Beatles spectacular will send its all-star cast out on the Landmark Theatre stage to deliver the goods from the memorable album “Abbey Road.”

The name of the evening is “Beatlecuse,” and it’s the work of Paul Davie and his My Generation Music Promotions Company.

Davie also plays guitar and bass and sings and loves the music of the Beatles as much as anybody, anywhere. Last year he staged and promoted the show at the Landmark that brought 50 Syracuse musicians and a handful of national veterans to play 50 Beatles songs to celebrate, quite naturally, the Fab Four’s 50th anniversary of landing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in the United States.

This year’s notable guest is Mark Hudson, Grammy-winning producer for Ringo Starr and Aerosmith.

The show kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 6 at the Landmark, the restored theater in downtown Syracuse, where 1,200 attended last year’s big show.

“The best part of re-inventing this production is that the musicians wanted it back, just as much as the fans,” Davie says. “Ninety percent of last year’s amazing all-star collective jumped at the chance to return, as well as newbies like Los Blancos, Hard Promises with Julia Goodwin and Pale Green Stars. Hopefully, we can raise $5,000 again, or more, for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, too.”

Tickets go on sale today. They’re priced at $25 and $35, plus fees. They’re available at the Landmark box office, and

Here’s a link to a YouTube clip to Davie and others performing “Lady Madonna” at last year’s celebration.

Here’s the link for

Here’s the link to my story about last year’s 50th reunion Beatles celebration in Syracuse.

37 thoughts on “All-Beatles show will visit ‘Abbey Road’ this time around

  1. It amazes me how much great music happens in Syracuse Mark. You have to go for us and report back. The Beatles are one of my old time favs.


  2. The autistic person in me wonders why they’re using the HELP! logo to commemorate a 50th anniversary of what would have been Meet The Beatles. But the music lover in me overrides the autistic part, and LOVES that Syracuse gets Beatlecuse and thinks this is WAY COOL! (You lucky man!) And as an aside, when I lived in NY, I created a stencil of the HELP! logo shown above, and stenciled a border in my kitchen of that, and had giant Beatles posters and a life-size cutout (like they had on the later seasons of Laverne & Shirley) on three kitchen walls. Just thought I’d mention it. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh, man, I love ‘Abbey Road!’ I must have played that album (see, I’m dating myself!) a gazillion times. My boyfriend at the time lent the album to me. He fancied himself another Paul McCartney. He used to sit out on the front steps with me when I was fourteen and sing ‘Oh, Darling.’ At the time, I thought he was quite smooth. Later I discovered he was not; but ‘Abbey Road’ lives on fondly in my memories. πŸ™‚


    • Singing ‘Oh Darling’ to your girl when you”re 14 is pretty slick, Kate. Even when you turn out to be pretty not. πŸ™‚

      Yes, the Beatles night will take me back to the day, too, my friend.


  4. Wish I could go, but too far away. I love any kind of Beatles’ musical extravaganza, the price is right and the cause a worthy one, indeed! I hope you go and let us know about Abbey Road songs, missing this would be a shame…


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