Can ‘Galaxy’ make a star from the cutting room floor?



I am ever more impressed by the ways fans can tune in to “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

The old songs brought the soundtrack to No. 1, and the box office success continued.

Now writer/director James Gunn’s continued posting on his social media is including pictures and details about deleted scenes. A picture of a blue-faced woman character who flirted with star Chris Pratt’s big guy. Great piece on Cinema Blend about this latest wrinkle, it is, and the buzz continues.

Also in my weekly installment of my Film News blog for the Syracuse New Times site, I find the piece about Patrick Stewart spreading love to an ill young fan whose Make-A-Wish Foundation hope was to attend a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Georgia to discover more about Captain Picard and his fellow “Star Trek: The Next Generation” TV cast members. That led to the movie “Star Trek: Generations” in 1994. Lasting power. This fan is 11. The pictures that links with my New Times post take you to are awesome.

If you’d like to check out my weekly Film News blog on the very cool Syracuse New Times site, which also carries my Monday Film Review (hint, hint), click the link below.

Are you a fan of the “deleted scenes” feature on DVD/Blue-Ray releases? Can you remember a deleted scene that you thought should have been in an original movie, and if so, what and why? Which Star Trek generation is your favorite, and please tell us why you pick your favorite captain.

23 thoughts on “Can ‘Galaxy’ make a star from the cutting room floor?

  1. They tacked on some outtakes to the end credits of ‘Being There’ with Peter Sellers and Shirly MacLaine. Sellers was furious. He said it spoiled the magic. I agree with him. I’ve only watched deleted scenes a couple of times. Mostly, they’re terrible. That’s why they’re deleted. I’ve no interest.


  2. I was a “Star Trek” fan, because it made my Dad happy. I liked the lead in show, in our area, “Guns of Will Sonnet,” which had a nice Western theme. I will always like Captain Kirk, but am impressed with the wonderful way that famous people embrace their characters and do caring acts while with their fans. This hospital visit made the 11 year old’s day and possibly be one of his best memories of all time. Yay, for Patrick Stewart! (I think many famous ‘characters’ have visited hospitals, like Adam West as “Batman,” others that I have heard about over the years…) I think when I get on the site with your articles, to comment I have to be on something other than wordpress. I am only on wordpress and linkedin. Not on Facebook, Twitter or any of the choices. But I do read your links each time, Mark!


    • Thanks for going over and reading the other site, Robin. I appreciate that very much. And yes, I used to watch the original ‘Star Trek’ with my dad, too. Good memories, there, and he loved Westerns as well!


  3. i do love some deleted scenes and extras, my fav was on the dvd for the british version of ‘the office’. some of those scenes were priceless. how sweet the make a wish gesture was, and how it can change one child’s life and make their dream come true, when struggling so. as for the captain, i’m on team kirk. love his dramatic over-emoting –


  4. I am, for sure a Trekkie Mark. I bacame fascinated with the show from its very beginning back in the sixties – including the pilot with Captain Pike. My favorite captain now is Captain Picard. The show has been a part of my life for all of my life – in its various incarnations. I liked the captain of DS9 as well. Although I enjoy Voyager, it does not fascinate me the same way Star Trek does. Picard’s personality is perfect as a representative of Earth. Kirk was fun but rash. Picard is a thoughtful man who angers slowly but can jump quickly when required. Cool guy.

    I haven’t seen Galaxy yet and didn’t know about the release of the cut scenes and characters. Wouldn’t it be a bummer to be hired as an actress for a movie, go through all the production and then have your character cut completely from the final product? Sheesh – that would drive me crazy. I kinda like her picture, although her hair looks very rough, like horse hair. Ha!

    Great post Mark! Thanks.


    • The cutting room floor would stink, Paul, but if you got pictures like that to accompany you’re acting resume, plus a paycheck, hey, I assume in that hectic climb-the-ladder business, could be worse.

      I love your Star Trek comments and attitude. Good man.


  5. Mark! So many questions and so little time! I haven’t even had time to see “Guardians of the Galaxy,” for cripe’s sake! However, I will tell you that my favorite Captain is Captain Kirk. Why? I don’t have time to tell you that now, Mark! I have to get ready for work. But, as always, I’m glad I could read your post today.


    • I think I know why you pick Captain Kirk, Ann, and it’s a matter of time, too … Kirk was at the helm during our time as younger Trekkies. He’s my pick, too. Beam me up to Ann’s blog, Scottie.


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