See what’s behind my selfie

Me, my selfie and I.

Me, my selfie and I.

A couple of days ago, I caught a contest thrown out by Sandra, the author of the quite excellent blog Square One Notes. Sandra challenged the world to post a selfie.

Something new for me. Creeping up on my year one anniversary of, I figured it’s darn well time to take on such a challenge.

I snapped a couple, here and there. But there was no rush to judgment because Sandra attached a deadline of this Sunday, Feb. 16, for the contest. Enter by then if you want a chance to win one of her cool prize offerings. (I’m not telling. You’ll have to click over to Sandra’s place to find out what they are.)

This much I knew as thought about my mission.

It had to be outdoors, next to the house I share with my dear wife Karen. It should be during or just after a bout of snow, to show how winter will not release its grip this February. Bundled up in the cold? That goes without saying.

And I think I have discovered my true selfie, a snapshot taken with my iPad Air that says so much about my here and now.

Winter morning, Syracuse, N.Y. Cars brushed off. Driveway not yet shoveled. Snow still tickling our city neighborhood of Eastwood behind me.

I do believe I like it. My New York Jets winter hat makes a statement. There may be a flake of snow that’s attached itself to my ruddy winter face. The background is the street where I live the best I can.

Link to Sandra’s selfie-centered contest here.

Are you a serial selfie-ist? Have you posted a selfie somewhere? What makes a great selfie, in your eyes?

36 thoughts on “See what’s behind my selfie

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  3. I really liked this photo of yourself! I have taken a few selfies, one with a big fish! The other fisherman, my ex-boyfriend, was impressed I could pull my short arm far enough away to get a photograph! Smiles, Robin


  4. oh i think you have made the perfect choice, mark. this is really a good one, and i’m not just saying that. it really looks exactly as i imagine you in person. i’m not much of a selfie-ist, i’m just not a fan of having my pic taken, even by myself, though i do need to get over that one day )


    • I really like that sideways Gravatar shot of yours, Chris. I imagine: ‘What will I write next?’ Profile in blogging courage, if you will. The whole selfie process was new to me. I had to find out through click-and-error to look at the little lens and not at the screen button to engage the shot.


      • Thanks, Chris. Today I shall post my blog — about that great Saturday Beatles tribute — and write my movies-opening piece for My boss at waer asked me not to put it up until 10 a.m., and I’m bursting at the seams to get it online there, and the tease here! You have a great Wednesday, too. And, hey, just this second the U.S. women’s hockey team just scored the first goal of the game against Canada in the bitter Olympic rivalry!


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  6. “Me, my selfie and I” I love it! Bravo friend! What a great shot, bonus points for capturing the snow all around, even on your face! That’s skill. Appreciate the glowing endorsement as well.


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