Keep popping, roses

Our roses say autumn is just fine for blooming. Up front and out back. The seasons, plural, suit us fine.

A summer wallop for the knockout roses

I’m happy when the big corner rose bush up front takes its turn making our yard look spiffy. It’s a tough year for roses, we were told by the local experts when we visited this spring’s fair at the Liverpool Public Library. Tomorrow, you get to see our backyard roses.

Front rose wants to turn, too

Walking the property during a holiday break from work, I noticed the big front yard rose trying mightily to defy the winter calender and the snow on the lawn. It may go green yet. Hey, this is Central New York, if you get my drift.

Hello, front yard roses

When we pulled into our driveway from our 10-day Cape Cod Getaway 2021, we were greeted by the first blooms of the front yard corner knockout rose bush. That was a fantastic first smile at A Bitty Better.

One by one now

Even when it’s not kicking out the red roses by the boat load, the front yard red bush won’t lie completely still.

Roses are trying hard

They’re not near the flower stage yet, but I am heartened by the greening state of our rose bush branches as mid-April nears. The big specimen up from looks great as it starts year two of its life in our yard.