Yet the cranes have not left

Even though things look fairly crisp at so many spots around the town offices, I know the busy constructions workers are not finished with the year-long(?!) project. The go-high equipment and dumpsters in the parking lot tell me so.

A new spot for the memorial

While walking cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle this past weekend, I chronicled the fact that construction workers have checked off the box of moving the memorial for veterans to a new spot from their work list at the town offices for the neighborhood work project. Looks good.

I like the construction workers more now

Spotted by my dear wife Karen and I while on a stroll with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B, a special sign drawn up by the construction crew working the ever-present neighborhood project. Tis the season to carve a happy face into your work, right?

Construction continues

The good news: It looks as if the hard-working construction crew at the Town Offices pretty much has one side of the project nailed down. Now they’ve moved a lot of the equipment to the parking lot on the other side of the building. I should have figured this one out from the start.

Big block relocation

You know the construction on the grounds of the Town Offices in my neighborhood means business when they relocated the mailbox from the parking lot to the street by chipping around the concrete block at its posts and moving the whole darn thing to the lawn’s edge.

Can’t stop spring

They are doing much work on the Town of Salina offices on my street. While walking our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B, we notice that the spring flowers don’t care.

Construction season has restarted

The construction facelift approved for this corner in the Village of Liverpool took a hiatus for the virus. But the upgrading in the block around the corner from my job at the library is going strong now. Looking better.

So that’s the early noise

I woke up to a clatter a couple days in a row recently. The infamous Central New York road construction season had reached the circle in front of the Town Offices on our street. The crew surely liked to get an early start before the office workers arrived.