A new lane to consider

Careful opening that driver’s door.

On my recent trip to downtown Syracuse, I had to navigate different traffic patterns.

City planners had added a bike lane since my last time to the area.

My thought?

Clinton Square’s blocks already were tricky enough to navigate for vehicle drivers and walkers alike. Now there are less lanes for the car and truck drivers and potentially more and varied wheeled passersby for the walkers to navigate.

In my time walking to and from my car, I did not note one bike rider.


16 thoughts on “A new lane to consider

  1. it’s tricky business sharing the road. Ann Arbor has started a huge initiative trying to get people to bike more instead of using cars downtown. it’s taken some getting used to and over time I’ve seen more and more bikers using the lanes. it’s challenging but can be done, both parties have to kind of grow into it and not an easy transition. (if you build it, they will come?)


  2. Making things accessible for all can sometimes make for tight squeezes and possible collisions. I get it. BUT…
    In my new neighborhood, to slow down speeder, they have put a tiny twisted cross cross (hard to explain, I’ll have to take a picture) that literally causes card to almost hit head on. I “see” what they’re trying to accomplish; yet, it may have caused more issues as neighbors are complaining about that now! Oh boy!
    Have a blessed day my friend!!


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