Getting a charge out of Teslas

Plugged in and getting ready for another drive.

Did you see all the Teslas? asked my dear wife Karen before we started the walk from her other-make vehicle into Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

No. A quick look to the far edge of the parking lot note a line of the electric cars using the provided charging stations.

Owning gas-using vehicles still, I wondered: Can any electric car used these stations? Does Tesla put special plugs on their vehicles so only their cars can use these stations? Can these folks plug in at home? I will have to learn someday …


10 thoughts on “Getting a charge out of Teslas

  1. I have no idea about those questions you have. And I’m with Bruce… I’m going to wait and see before I get one or have to get an electric car. Too be honest with you… I would rather have what the Jetsons had (the cartoon.) They had flying vehicles… now that would be fun!

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  2. We still have our gas guzzling 2007 Honda but it does make good mileage. Hopefully it will outlive both my husband and me. I have never put the gas in it. Too late to learn now. Can’t see me charging anything. (We don’t even have credit cards.)

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