Skelly says bring on Valentine’s Day

Bring on the next holiday.

Going out to dinner with daughter Elisabeth and George Three on Wednesday night, she said the neighborhood skeleton was dressed up for another holiday and ready for another drive by.

When I took my car past after our meal at Ruby Tuesday’s, I saw that the switch had been made to a Valentine’s Day costume.

Christmas lights gone, hearts ready.

After I got home, I decided the tall lawn decoration from now on shall be called Skelly by me.

I’m looking forward to what Easter brings.


10 thoughts on “Skelly says bring on Valentine’s Day

  1. Hmm, Easter Skelly replacing the rabbit? Interesting, but maybe not for the very young. On the other hand, some of the very young I’ve met lately would love it!
    We also have a monument here, but ours if the Thinker, sitting in front of the local costume shop and dressed in the latest fashions. He is rather enormous, six feet tall whlle sitting ad weighing in at a few tons. Glad I don’t have to make his clothes.
    How in the world are you these days, little brother?


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