Niece and nephew make me smile

Great looking and not so young anymore.

My sister Dory was glad to text with me while I was recuperating from The Virus.

And she sent me a great photo of my niece Erin and nephew James to help me along with my sprits, too.

Miss my Long Island family!

14 thoughts on “Niece and nephew make me smile

  1. Covid maybe? I had it in May and I did everything to prevent it: wore mask, stayed away from crowds, fully vaxxed and boostered. In fact, I volunteered to be a guinea pig for the Moderna trial months before the vaccine’s approval. This virus is so contagious my theory is almost everyone will get it eventually. Yet, even though I tested positive, the symptoms were quite mild, and I think that’s due to the vaccine. Take care my friend, and whatever you have here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!


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