Coming soon to our basement

Our choices.

If it’s not one thing it’s another.

When we moved in to this house we love, we had no idea the pretty cool washer and dryer in the basement were … pretty old already.

So the dryer started making a funny noise these handful-plus years later.

The kind repair guy informed us that the Bosch company no longer manufactures parts for the dryer. Or washer for that matter. He looked at the model numbers and decided they were made in 2005.


Fast forward another month of living with that squeak. Then comes a boom, and no heat in the dryer.

Off to the big box store we went to buy a matching set.

As home-owning goes, though, it’s never easy getting everything ready to go even after making the big purchase.

The Lowe’s truck dropped them into our basement, but they won’t touch the gas lines. And then they told us the washer plumbing was too crusty for them to touch, too.

I tried but the gas line was on too tight and I didn’t want to monkey with combustine too much.

Great son-in-law-to-be George Three hooked up the washer just fine, thank you, no crustiness involved.

The furnace gas company has been called to put in the new gas line, but they scoffed about even touching the new dryer.

George will come back. I will attempt to tighten the new gas line when all is in place.

Then Lowe’s will return to haul away the old stuff, because I of course paid them to do that from the start.

‘Til then, the laundromat’s industrial-sized dryers work pretty fast!

9 thoughts on “Coming soon to our basement

  1. When we moved to our current residence, we enlisted Lowe’s to bring us a gas dryer, which they did one day and ten hours outside of the delivery window they gave us. They also advised (at that time) they don’t install gas dryers. Thanks, Lowe’s. I did it myself.


  2. it’s always a huge undertaking in my experience.. what you think will be a no-brainer, hook up the new, move out the old, never seems to happen. glad you didn’t give up and it will all get done in the end. I just went through a crazy install a couple of days ago, that I’ll probably write about. enjoy your new w and d whenever it is up and running –


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