I’ll walk carefully

Slippery pavement.

When I think about slippery ice to avoid when I walk along Onondaga Lake Park’s paths, yes, it’s sidewalks and other walkways that can get covered that come first to my mind.

17 thoughts on “I’ll walk carefully

  1. It is a lovely winter image. In my twenties, in an apartment, I stepped out onto the front patio to get a paper. I didn’t realize it was icy, and I slipped and down I went down all the steps until I hit the next landing. A 20 something body can take it but not much older. I hate seeing people slip and fall on ice because I know how painful it is. Stay safe!


  2. Looks like the sun and moon are in the same picture.
    You are not showing up on my Reader … yet I am following. I remember your having the same problem. But you can’t hide. 🙂


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