Hafner’s Garden Center can do it socially distanced

It took us way longer than usual to take our annual trip to Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center.

The biggest of our local nurseries always looked too darn crowded for safe socially distancing for my dear wife Karen and I.

Then we took the Monday following the July Fourth weekend off.

Loads of plants.

The plants were still many.


Fortunately, we felt as if we were the only shoppers in the place.

13 thoughts on “Hafner’s Garden Center can do it socially distanced

  1. I’ve only visited the plant life at one store this year, Mark. And that was more to find a larger pot and some potting soil for some of the poor little plants still living in my apartment. Not many plants still there, couldn’t find the right sized pot and they had sold out of soil. Frustrating, but eventually solved at a different store. Most of the places I’ve had to go have been very good about the social distancing, but it alarmed me the last time I went into Kroger. Very few masks, most of the distance markers gone, none of the bag people wearing masks. As soon as the restrictions began lifting people seemed to think they could drop the masks. Our governor made wearing masks in public mandatory on Friday, so it will be interesting to see how they enforce it. I think I’ll just take a long nap, waking only after this pandemic is over in a few years! Have a nice day bro. Mark!


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