I can’t mask my happiness for Father’s Day get-together

The last time my dear wife Karen and I had been able to break bread with my daughter Elisabeth and George Three was in March.

Back before the virus caused us all to change our daily ways.

All four, safe and happy with Dapper and Debonaire masks.

We went to The Clam Bar for a wonderful Father’s Day meal.

When they arrived at the house prior, we were able to give them the awesome Dapper and Debonaire masks we’d received from sister-in-law Lynne and nice Stormy down in Hot Springs, Ark.

Our waitress was glad to take a photo of the foursome, looking good and safe.

My three people.

Yes, the day was worth the wait.

20 thoughts on “I can’t mask my happiness for Father’s Day get-together

  1. I LOVE IT! I spent the day making more masks for the next wave of people needing them. The plan at the moment is to reopen the schools in August and the kids will have to wear masks but I can’t make them as cool as those! Have a continued Happy Fathers Day every day of the year.

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  2. How wonderful! Family is everything! And if anything… this pandemic has caused us to enjoy the things we all took for granted. It’s the simple pleasures…
    Have a lovely day Mr. Mark!


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