Do I re-up or let is lapse? Loyalty or finances?

Shortly after my latest edition of Sports Illustrated arrived in my mailbox, a renewal notice came, too.

I’ve been a subscriber for many decades.

Heck, in the Wayback, I signed young people up for Sports Illustrated for Kids, hoping it would foster the love for the well-told story (and maybe sports too) that burned in my heart always.


I notice that this standard-bearer of the trade will now give me for my 30-odd buck 16 editions a year, with one freebie. No longer is SI a weekly publication.

Sad but yet another sign of the state of journalism in my world.

I’d read the stories of the drastic layoffs at the magazine as it was sold and … Well, I’ve seen its pages. My favorite writers have scattered to the wind.

Now comes the decision. Do I pledge my dollars because what remains deserves to live on? Do I keep with the ranks of the loyal because journalism as a whole needs to be saved? Do I send a check as I clicked yes to the Washington Post and my local newspaper because I know in my heart our country needs seekers of the truth always? Do I ignore the layoffs (including my own seven years ago, but that’s another tale) and obvious changes in coverage from the golden years?

This is a tough one, this SI decision. Principle vs. principal. The bill sits on my dresser.

16 thoughts on “Do I re-up or let is lapse? Loyalty or finances?

  1. This is tough, Mark. No easy answers these days. Your heart is always with the industry. And you support as much as you can. But you can’t do it all on your own so don’t beat yourself up over it. Take good care bro.


  2. It’s a tough one. I ended my Marianne magazine subscriptions a few years ago when we couldn’t afford it, but I buy used magazines anywhere I can find them. I hate that they are disappearing and that they don’t come out as often as they used to. And they are noticeably thinner! And because of covid-19 they don’t exist in any of the any doctor’s offices I’ve been in lately. I am beginning to wonder if the doctors offices are ending their subscriptions as well. Flipping through a magazine will always be better than scrolling down the internet.😪


  3. Tough one buddy… I hear ya. I just showed your post to Sweet Man… he’s upset too.
    We just looked at the Sunday Newspaper here in Pennsylvania…(yes we are back!) and it was so thin. Not at all what we ere use to on Sunday afternoon. The paper was spread all over this living room and there was article after article to be read.
    We are feeling your hesitation…


  4. this is a really tough one, especially for a journo, like yourself. i think you’ve already chosen to support the industry by pledging your dollars to a couple of publications that have meaning for you, and maybe that is your show of support and enoughi don’t think you have to continue to support all of them, and the fact that you hesitated only means that it didn’t feel right at first glance, so if it were me, i’d go with my gut.


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