So who left this gift?

Stop loafing.

A look at our front yard circle this weekend discovered an interesting deposit under the lilac tree.

There in the morning sat a loaf of bread.

I do not think it was a gift from a neighbor in this socially distanced times.

I do wonder which species dragged it or dropped it, and why another species had yet to come by to claim it as its own.

22 thoughts on “So who left this gift?

  1. My first thought was a Frenchman quickly surrendered and dropped his baguette, but of course it’s not that. He would be home in quarantine like the rest of us.


  2. Critter cam! (And don’t be surprise if one doesn’t look right into the lens and say “Don’t say I never brought you anything, you ungrateful species.”)
    Everyone is trying to look after and help their friends/neighbor species these days…..sharing is caring…


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