We walk our coveted Chatham strip

Even with less than stellar weather for our week in Cape Cod, we grabbed our hours of opportunity to take in the sights and things we have loved for a decade now.

Taking on a different shape.

The little park in town still host art month in June. We were glad.

Artists show talents.

The fact that we started admiring sharks way back when and this year we took in paintings on the shape of Cape Cod and mermaids bothered us not a bit.

That’s a scene.

Winners, all.

No, thank you.

My dear wife Karen said no thank you to the pair of socks with a pineapple on them.

Didn’t float our boat.

I didn’t buy a duck.

I liked a hat in the surf shop that declared Never Surfed. The server agreed with me that it would make a great T-shirt, but, no. That I would have bought.


Some bar napkins made me laugh, but, you know, we don’t use bar napkins.

I bought Karen a great pair of shoes. She bought me a Life’s Good T-shirt. I didn’t take any modeling photos yet.

10 thoughts on “We walk our coveted Chatham strip

    • They have one there for the month of June every time we go, MBC. Just one reason we like to pick June for our trip to the Cape. (Yes I did not post about the vacation until we returned.)


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