Dang, I did see Burt Reynolds in Syracuse

Back in his day. (From syracuse.com)

So I meet my old friend Tom Honan this morning for a quick chat so he can fill me in on some cool things he’s doing with his Live Space Entertainment company – Tom Chapin and the Chapin Sisters benefit for the Food Bank of Central New York on Sept 21 at the Palace Theatre! – and he casually mentions how he saw my old story about Burt Reynolds brought up by syracuse.com the other day.

No way, I say.

You mean the reference to my reviews in the big daily rehashed when Aretha Franklin died, I tell Honan.

Well, er, maybe, he replies.

On we talk, he bringing up his October show by Mental Madness at Jazz Central Oct 4-6 at Jazz Central.

Good stuff.

When I get back to my desk at the library, I have to Google my name and Burt Reynolds, right?

You betcha.

In October, 1993, the famed actor indeed visited Syracuse. And I was assigned to write about it.

When he passed away last week, Johnathon Croyle rehashed my story about that appearance for syracuse.com.

Dang, that sounded like a fun time, watching, interviewing, writing. It’s staring to come back to me. A little bit.

RIP, Burt Reynolds. No, I won’t bring up that famous blonde former wife.

7 thoughts on “Dang, I did see Burt Reynolds in Syracuse

    • As I was thinking about forgetting about it, Beth, what struck me was that I direct one-on-one with Burt would have kept it in my memory bank forever. An interview with his publicist and a seat for his talk … obviously not so much.

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  1. Well how cool to have your stories re-emerge like that – and I know your personal story (from the book chapter in lady by the river)
    And so reading this post had that in mind and I smiled with each sentence because you still inspire as someone who adapts and lives in the now! But marky mark- that is pretty cool to have your past stories come up! You are humble and that is pretty rocking – also – this new generation does not realize the stud Burt Reynolds was – albeit more in 70s – but what a cool connection to an icon


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