No secret: These Brits can figure out clues



James Bond had his decades, oh so many of them.

Jack Ryan. Jason Bourne.

Bring on Gary “Eggsy” Unwin. Yeah, “Kingsmen: The Secret Service” continues the long line of agent thrillers, but this young British hero has more to do with 007 than the rest, with gadgets and fighting and cool.

You can read my take of the movie for today’s installment of my weekly Film Review blog on the Syracuse New Times site by clicking the link below.

Samuel L. Jackson is the villain and Michael Caine is an elder and Colin Firth is a mentor, and the story comes from a comic book. Who needs “Fifty Shades” of bondage when you have action, adventure and comedy rolled into one?

Flashing sign for those planning to attend: The killing is gory. The R rating gets earned with a particularly blue reference at the end.

And now today’s essay-book Monday movie questions:

Are you a fan of agent movies, and why? Who’s your favorite agent, and why? ‘Fifty Shades’ of ‘Kingsmen,’ and why?

39 thoughts on “No secret: These Brits can figure out clues

  1. No interest in the agent movies. I did catch your above commenter above saying he had accidentally unfollowed you. I wonder, MBM, if it has happened to others like it has happened to me. I believe I have gone to “like” something before and inadvertently unfollowed someone. I’ve done it numerous times. 😦

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  2. I loved the commercials and wondered if this seemed to be imitating the old television series, “The Avengers?” Colin Firth in one ad uses a cane or umbrella, which reminded me of that show. My Dad used to have a crush on Diana Riggs in the role of the side kick. She was quite sexy and dynamic in the show. My Mom used to tease my Dad, then for some reason my Mom developed a crush on a few actors, maybe to make my Dad pay attention? Smiles!
    I will definitely see this since I enjoy all the James Bond movies, enjoy Liam Neeson films with action, also like the Mission Impossible movies. Action is my middle name, Mark! ha ha!


  3. It all depends with me little Bro. If it’s a bungling spy, I love it. The too serious, shoot your way out of everything, secret weapon stuff, nah, not so much. Remember Get Smart on TV? He was my kind of spy. And Barney Fife was my kind of cop. The rest of them took themselves too seriously. I doubt I’ll see either of these movies, but I might write a book about my yarn, naming it “50 shades of Green” or any other color you choose, but no gray, black, gold, off white, white, or puce. Not sure what color scheme puce actually fits in, but it just sounds ugly, so none of that.


  4. recently saw Johnny English and thought it was funny. James Bond is fun, too. No 50 shades here. Ever.

    Speaking of movies: Saw Whiplash today and thought of you because of the jazz aspect. Would be interested in your perspective if you’ve seen.


  5. I kept meaning to watch this film at the cinema as Colin Firth is one of my favourite actors. Oddly, being a Brit myself, I enjoy watching films which send us up in humorous wats. Plus, I do love a bit of Samuel L Jackson too!


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