It’s been something, Nano Poblano

Fish of Gold

As I sat type-type-typing away on my recliner this Sunday morning, my dear wife Karen looked over from the couch and said, “Is this the last day of Nano Poblano?”

No tone. Straightforward question.

Yes, dear, said I. She had me. Yes, I was indeed going up my email notifications, last night to right now, trying to catch up on the last batch of Team Pepper posts by bloggers I’ve become acquainted with this month of November. Like, do I? Comment, will I?

Quite the month it’s been, yes?

Our three blog hops were wildly successful, in my humble opinion.

There’s still the rest of today for you to participate in the contest portion of The Name Game by clicking the link above and sending me your guesses.

The Blog Hop Story has ended up in the able hands of originator Fishy. I’m figuring she’ll end it with a flourish, all 6,000 or so words of it. Bravo. Bravisimo.

The Oddly Specific Gratitudes Blog Hop opened a window into so many personalitities. Thank you so much, Nerdy, for getting this one started and on its way to so many members of the Little Peppers.

I hope November has been fruitful for you all.

I appreciated every day, even the one that resulted in some piling on in a comment section or three. I’m not the confrontational sort, you see, but weigh in I did. I took my hosting role seriously. Thank you, Sheena of Not a Punk Rocker, for getting me involved in the first place. And Rarasaur for moving the group so much in 2013.

Hey, I will forever remember November, 2014, as the month I became Captain Poblano.

Spicy pose, no? (Illustration by Love Marriage Worms)

Spicy pose, no? (Illustration by Love Marriage Worms)

Thank you so much for that wonderful illustration, Wormy.

I plan to continue to visit your blogs, say hi, talk back and forth. I hope you’ll drop by here, too. The welcome mat is always out. My goal, here and there, is to converse as if we were sitting across from each other at the local diner. Or bar. Or in one of our living rooms. Let’s be lively about these lives of ours.

But I also plan to spend more time on my freelance work, and the pursuit of possible 40-hour-per-week employment. That’s life as I know it since the layoff from the big daily in January 2013. Write, write, write, search, send, hope.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to add “Nano Poblano Host” to my resume? Hmmmm. Something to consider in this media-savvy world of ours.

What would be your perfect short, sweet and accurate description for my job performance as host for Team Pepper?

79 thoughts on “It’s been something, Nano Poblano

  1. It was fun while it lasted… but it sure did take up your time. I can believe this, as when I get awarded something, it is with mixed feelings. I was so grateful for in the midst of your busy life, you made me happier than a long time by posting my photos and such kind words. . . And you still took time to be Captain (fantastic) Poblano. Wormy’s artwork was great for this, too! November was a frantic month, I would imagine. Now is a hard time to look for long-term job positions, but you know you have my best wishes for your finding the perfect niche for your talented journalism and Mark: “Nice guy’s should finish First once in awhile!” hugs and friendship!


    • Thank you for your friendship, Robin.

      You deserved to have those pictures visible for the world. They are forever awesome. Captain Poblano was happy to share them during November because viewership was up. Did you get more people to your blog, I hope?


  2. You said something that really resonates with me. Blogging is an ongoing conversation. The posts had better be interesting, but it’s the conversation that keeps it going. I don’t need people hanging onto my every word. I don’t require constant commenting on every post. I’m not that frail or delicate. BUT, if I’m visiting and commenting on a blog month after month and I never see or hear from them, I lose interest and unfollow. It becomes a one-sided conversation. How boring is that?!

    Maybe I AM too precious after all! What do you think? Tell me the truth. I can take it.


    • Unless you’re like Jimmy Breslin or Pete Hamlin or one of the Gods who had the whole city waiting for the paper to come out to read him … wait, Mark, I take that back. Those guys had the immediate conversation going on, too, but it was happening at the water cooler between the readers themselves. Plus, they wrote in such a way that everybody felt like they were talking to the city in the columns. And they could show up on TV and radio. Bad examples. I did feel engaged by them.

      No, you’re not too precious. On WordPress, I don’t there’s anybody above the give-and-take portion of this blogging social experiment. It’s not like a read-only, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post article experience.

      Agree or disagree, blogdom? Hmm. I should have put this out there during Nano Poblano. Thanks, Mark.


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  4. You were a great host, Mark. Thank you for everything this month. It’s been a fun month, but I’ll admit that I missed about 4 days of posting. Bad me. Some days I’m just not home and therefore it’s nearly impossible to post anything other than a sentence. Hopefully next year I’ll be more successful.


    • Thank you so much for this comment. You are correct in your evaluation that there are strong writers involved here, WAWWP. But in the end, I think everybody feels welcome conversing back and forth. Success. I’m glad I’ll be visiting you hereafter. πŸ™‚


  5. I think you most definitely need to add “Nano Poblano Host” to your resume! I think that’s just the thing to get someone to ask you in just to find out what the heck Nano Poblano is and then once you’re there, your personality will take over and you’ll most definitely sway them into giving you your dream job! πŸ™‚


  6. Oh, and I have a freezer full of fresh roasted beautiful gorgeous green chilli peppers that make awfully good Chile Rellanos, Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, Green Chile Chicken Soup, Green Chile Sauce, Green Chile Gravy (yes! gravy!) Green Chile “Chile”. Green chile makes everything wonderful!

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  7. I wasn’t in it to to my committment to Photography 101 but I enjoyed your posts coming through. You put that good looking chilie pepper on your resume and you will get that job, I just know it! BTW, I am from the “Chilie Pepper Capital of the World.” … well almost. I’m close.


      • Yes, I always buy the mild because my tummy can’t take that hot stuff anymore. Hatch’s Chile comes from the southern part of this state. That is the very best high quality Chile.


      • It still has that great green chile taste without the spicy hot (sometimes a few hot ones creep in). I love green chile, although I don’t put it on everything – there are many people that do. I have also learned to LOVE cilantro. It use to make me gag but now I think I am addicted to it. Haha! If you like Mexican Food and need any good recipes, let me know. I have many. I also have a recipe for Navajo (Indian) Fry Bread, Navajo Tacos, ect. If you and Karen ever want to have a fun dinner party, Navajo Tacos are fun and delicious to serve.


  8. You did an awesome job keeping everyone interested, inspired, and productive. Very pro, Mark. Also, hearty thanks for being a daily reader of my novel posts- greatly appreciate the moral support.


    • I am now a fan of the Mud Business, Thorton Jakies. Never thought I’d be so into what happen surrounding a hole in the ground. You know how to draw characters, my friend. Thank you for joining our squad. πŸ™‚


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  12. Thanks Mark. Not a Punk Rocker did a good job in writing out your job performance. I really appreciate the support you provided. You know I am a bit biased on the side of community and you did work to promote community among the team members and make new bloggers feel welcome to the group. I do want to remain in contact and I am happy you will continue to visit my blog. I wish you much luck and success in whatever you choose to do in the job world.

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  13. Captain Poblano, November 2014
    -Responsible for the coordination of blogging project on an international scale.
    -Maintained data and related site pages for members.
    -Provided guidance and boosted morale for participants.
    -Produced daily blog postings featuring unique, original content.
    -Actively promoted others’ work via comments, blog hops, reblogs, and social media.
    -Received an overall rating of “Beyond Awesomesauce,Whatever That Can Possibly Be” from blogging peers.

    Mark, you are a rock star to take this on…I just planted the idea, which came from another person who wanted to stay anonymous, but it all goes back to Rara. You definitely did her proud and captured the spirit of what the challenge was about: Meeting other bloggers we may not have had a chance to before, stretching our limits and having a cool banner (thanks to Fishie!) ❀

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