About me

My dear wife Karen and I.

My dear wife Karen and I.

When I was a kid, I used to run two houses down to grab Long Island Newsday from my friend’s driveway as soon as the distributor dropped his paper route pile off every afternoon because I couldn’t wait to read the sports section.

My fate was cast. I became a reader and a writer for life.

That exciting relationship took me through the world of daily newspaper journalism, where I worked at the big daily in Syracuse, N.Y., until the really big layoff of Jan. 31, 2013 tapped me and a whole bunch of colleagues on the shoulder.

Now I write here every day. I share tales from the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, which I share with my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. My terrific adult daughter Elisabeth and her great boyfriend George and Karen’s son wonderful son Daryl are frequent guest stars. Besides life, my topics are music and sports and movies. You know, my passions.

I also freelance for a handful of cool sites here in Syracuse, which you’ll see listed below and linked in my posts when my topics are tied.

My community blog Mark It Up in Syracuse is at http://waer.org/people/mark-bialczak. You can also find podcasts interviews at this site.

I write periodically about music for http://www.livespaceentertainment.com.

I write freelance feature articles for Central New York the Good Life Magazine. Those who live around Syracuse can find it at newsstands, and subscribers to The Post-Standard and can find it digitally by enrolling at https://member.syracuse.com.

In June, 2013, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by me and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

Like my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/karenelliebandme

Follow me on Twitter at @mbialczak

Link with me at http://www.linkedin.com

Join circles with me at Google Plus at https://plus.google.com/114776318897404620277

You can contact me at markbialczak@gmail.com.

214 thoughts on “About me

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  3. Hello Mark,
    I just saw that you started following my blog. Thank you very much <3
    As promised (and if you are interested), you can received a postcard from me from somewhere in the world. Just click on the button on my home page : http://offtowanderland.com/
    Have a nice day

    Cheers from Sweden :)


    • Thanks for the link, Mrs. B. What a great story about the pitching success of this young Whitecap. I will follow Kevin when he makes the majors, so I can imagine what a proud auntie you are to have the Frank Tanana, the would-be Cy Young Award-winner of his league, as your nephew. Pass along my congratulations to Mr. B, Maria! :-)


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  6. i thank you for your like of some of my posts. I love the way you and Austin ( Romp) spar. he is so funny and i will endeavour to read / catch up on all of yours. Wow thats lots of awards for blogging. hope you built a trophy room.


  7. Mackeral!!! (Holy Mackeral) … Finally, I arrived at your blog, and it is a wild and wonderful blog. I have seen your name / face on different people’s blogs (comments), and this last blog … reocochran … talked about her pictures she has sent on to you, offering a direct link to your blog. Well, I am honored to visit, I’ll be back when I have a few more minutes than what I have now.


    • Please come back and visit, OSotT. If you come from Robin’s blog, you come from good stock and are surely welcome at my house always. And I am off to visit the clearing past the forest now. :-)


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  9. Really smart to keep track of all those awards, and congrats on winning all those! We over at the BoFN earned quite a few in our early days but didn’t keep track of them… it’s funny how over the years the awards have slowed down significantly as we’ve grown more established.


    • The established part is so true, Dave. Also, a lot of good bloggers have offered me award in the many months since I’ve added this last one here, and despite thanking them on their blogs, I’ve done nothing about it here or with a post … Too busy writing, or feeling too established, perhaps? Turn toward camera: Sorry blogging friends whom I’ve stood up this way. I am not worthy until I go back somehow and make amends. Perhaps it is time for me to change my label above to “Now Awards Free Blog,” Dave.


  10. Wow you have quite a collection of blogging awards here. I love some of the designs on the badges; they were a lot of fun to look at. Congrats on all of your awards as well, I’m sure that they were well deserved. :D


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  12. Hello veteran journalist! I guess we are overdue. You’re just steeped in accolades so I guess you know what you’re doing. Since I’m new at this, I’ll take any of your free advice anytime. Looking forward to your posts :)


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